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Sales Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship | High Paying Salaries, Quick Hiring – Apply HERE NOW

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We are currently seeking dynamic and result-driven Sales Representatives to join our sales team in the United Kingdom. As a leading sales organization, we are committed to delivering exceptional products and services to our customers.

Through visa sponsorship, we welcome talented individuals from around the world to contribute their sales expertise and customer-centric approach to our sales operations. This is an exciting opportunity to build a rewarding career in sales while experiencing the diverse culture and opportunities in the UK.


Job Details:
Title: Sales Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship
Company: Not Specified // Government and Private Sectors
Location: UK , United Kingdom
Vacancies Offer: 100+
Salary: £ 10.00 – £ 20.00 per hour
Country: United Kingdom


  • Secondary // Bachelor Degree / Diploma



  1. Sales Target Achievement: Meet or exceed sales targets and goals set by the organization.
  2. Customer Engagement: Engage with potential and existing customers, building strong relationships and understanding their needs.
  3. Product Knowledge: Develop a deep understanding of the products and services offered to effectively promote and sell to customers.
  4. Sales Presentations: Deliver persuasive sales presentations to demonstrate the value and benefits of the products.
  5. Lead Generation: Generate leads through various methods, including cold-calling, networking, and digital marketing.
  6. Negotiation and Closing: Negotiate terms and conditions with customers and secure sales closures.
  7. Sales Reporting: Provide regular sales reports and updates to the sales manager and the sales team.
  8. Market Research: Conduct market research to identify potential sales opportunities and stay updated with industry trends.
  9. Customer Support: Provide excellent after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
  10. Sales Strategies: Contribute to the development and implementation of effective sales strategies.


  • Proven experience in sales or a related field, demonstrating a track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to engage with customers effectively.
  • Strong negotiation and persuasive selling abilities.
  • Self-motivated and driven to achieve sales success.
  • Proficiency in using sales software and tools is advantageous.

Work Visa and Sponsorship:
Qualified candidates from around the world can apply for work visas, such as the Tier 2 (General) Visa, which allows individuals to legally work in the UK with sponsorship from our sales organization.

Apply For Sales Jobs In UK HERE

Join us in flourishing in Sales Jobs in the UK with visa sponsorship. As a Sales Representative, you will play a crucial role in driving revenue growth and building lasting relationships with customers.

This opportunity offers a unique blend of professional growth, lucrative incentives, and the chance to be part of the UK’s vibrant sales industry. Apply now to bring your sales expertise and passion for customer satisfaction to our esteemed team, where every successful sale represents a significant contribution to the business landscape of the United Kingdom.

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