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Washer/Cleaner Jobs In Canada For Foreign Workers

Washer/Cleaner Jobs In Canada For Foreign Workers
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Canada is a diverse and welcoming country that offers many opportunities for immigrants and foreign workers. One of the most in-demand industries for foreign workers in Canada is the cleaning and housekeeping sector. Many Canadian employers are actively seeking foreign workers to fill positions in this field due to a shortage of available workers.


If you are a foreign worker interested in working in Canada as a washer/cleaner, there are many opportunities available. These jobs require basic cleaning skills such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming and experience using cleaning equipment such as pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and floor polishing machines.

In this blog post, we will explore the various opportunities available for foreign workers in Canada’s cleaning and housekeeping sector. We will provide information on the skills and qualifications required for these positions and the process for obtaining a work permit or temporary visa to work in Canada.

We will also discuss the specific requirements for foreign workers in each province in Canada and provide tips on how to find job opportunities in the cleaning and housekeeping sector.

Whether you are a skilled cleaner looking for new opportunities or a foreign worker interested in starting a career in the cleaning and housekeeping industry, this blog post will provide you with valuable information on washer/cleaner jobs in Canada for foreign workers.

Types of Washer/Cleaner Jobs In Canada For Foreign Workers


When it comes to washer/cleaner jobs in Canada for foreign workers, there are a few different types of positions available.

One common type of job is housekeeping in hotels or resorts. These positions typically involve cleaning guest rooms, public areas, and other facilities within the hotel or resort. Housekeeping positions require basic cleaning skills such as making beds, dusting, and vacuuming, as well as strong attention to detail and the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

Another type of washer/cleaner job in Canada is cleaning commercial buildings such as offices, malls, and hospitals. These positions often require specialized cleaning skills such as operating industrial cleaning equipment, cleaning large spaces, and sanitizing medical facilities. To work in this type of position, you will need to have experience in commercial cleaning and may need to obtain additional certifications or training.

Janitorial positions are also available in Canada for foreign workers. Janitorial jobs involve cleaning and maintaining buildings, such as schools or office buildings, and may include tasks such as trash removal, floor cleaning, and maintaining bathrooms. These positions require basic cleaning skills and the ability to work independently.

Industrial Cleaning: This type of job involves cleaning factories, manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities. Workers in this field may need specialized training in using heavy equipment, chemicals, and industrial cleaning techniques to ensure that the facility meets strict safety and hygiene standards.

Personal Assistant/House Manager: Some high-net-worth individuals and families in Canada hire personal assistants or house managers to oversee the cleaning and maintenance of their homes. These positions may require a wide range of skills, from basic cleaning and organization to more specialized tasks such as managing staff and coordinating home renovations.

Cleaning Supervisor/Manager: For those with experience in cleaning and management, there are opportunities to work as a cleaning supervisor or manager. These positions involve overseeing a team of cleaners and ensuring that they are performing their duties to a high standard. Workers in this field may need experience in managing teams and knowledge of cleaning industry best practices.

These are just a few examples of the many types of washer/cleaner jobs available in Canada for foreign workers. It’s important to research the specific requirements and qualifications for each position to ensure that you are applying for jobs that match your skills and experience.

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Finally, there are cleaning positions available for residential homes and apartments. These jobs may involve regular cleaning and maintenance of a home or apartment, r may be more specialized, such as deep cleaning before or after a move. To work in this type of position, you will need to have strong cleaning skills and be comfortable working in someone else’s home.

Overall, there are a variety of washer/cleaner jobs available in Canada for foreign workers. The specific requirements and skills needed for each job will vary, so it’s important to research and apply for positions that match your experience and qualifications.

Benefits of Working in Canada As a Washer/Cleaner

  1. Good Pay: Washer/cleaner jobs in Canada typically offer competitive wages, with many positions paying above minimum wage. Depending on your experience and qualifications, you may be able to earn even higher wages.
  2. Job Security: There is a high demand for washer/cleaner jobs in Canada due to a shortage of available workers, which means that job security is generally good. Many employers offer full-time positions with benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation time.
  3. Opportunities for Advancement: With experience and dedication, washer/cleaner jobs in Canada can lead to opportunities for advancement. For example, you may be able to move into a supervisory or management role, and transition into a related field such as property management.
  4. Training and Development: Many employers in Canada offer training and development opportunities for their employees. This can include on-the-job training, mentorship programs, or financial support for further education or certification.
  5. Work-Life Balance: Many washers/cleaner jobs in Canada offer flexible schedules, allowing workers to balance their work and personal lives. This can be especially beneficial for those with families or other responsibilities.
  6. Immigration Opportunities: For foreign workers, working in Canada as a washer/cleaner can be a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship. Canada has several immigration programs that prioritize applicants with Canadian work experience.

Overall, working in Canada as a washer/cleaner offers many benefits, including good pay, job security, opportunities for advancement, training and development, work-life balance, and immigration opportunities.

Skills and Qualifications

The specific skills and qualifications required for washer/cleaner positions in Canada will vary depending on the employer and type of job. Generally, however, employers will look for candidates who possess the following:

  • Attention to detail: Cleaners must be able to spot dirt and grime that others might miss.
  • Physical fitness: Many cleaning jobs require standing, walking, lifting and bending for extended periods.
  • Time management: Cleaners must be able to manage their time effectively to ensure that all cleaning tasks are completed within the allotted time frame.
  • Communication skills: Cleaners may need to communicate with supervisors, colleagues and clients to ensure that cleaning tasks are completed to the required standard.
  • Teamwork: Many cleaning jobs require working as part of a team.

In addition to these skills, some employers may require candidates to possess certain certifications or training in areas such as WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) or first aid.

Work Permit/Temporary Visa:

To work in Canada as a foreign worker, you will typically need to obtain a work permit or temporary visa. The process for obtaining a work permit or temporary visa will depend on several factors, including your country of origin, the type of job you are applying for, and the length of time you plan to work in Canada.

Generally, the process for obtaining a work permit or temporary visa will involve the following steps:

  • Find a job: You will need to find an employer in Canada who is willing to sponsor you for a work permit or temporary visa.
  • Apply for a work permit or temporary visa: Once you have a job offer, you will need to apply for a work permit or temporary visa through the Government of Canada’s website.
  • Provide supporting documents: You will need to provide supporting documents such as a valid passport, proof of education and work experience, and proof of funds to support yourself while in Canada.
  • Attend an interview: Depending on the type of work permit or temporary visa you are applying for, you may be required to attend an interview at a Canadian embassy or consulate.
  • Wait for a decision: The processing time for work permits and temporary visas can vary, so you should allow plenty of time for your application to be processed.

It’s important to note that the process for obtaining a work permit or temporary visa can be complex, so it’s recommended that you seek the advice of an immigration lawyer or registered immigration consultant to assist you with your application.

Tips on How to Find Job Opportunities in the Cleaning and Housekeeping Sector

Here are some tips on how foreign workers can find job opportunities in the cleaning and housekeeping sector in Canada:

  1. Research the Local Job Market: Before applying for jobs, research the local job market to identify which cities or provinces have high demand for cleaning and housekeeping services. This will help you focus your job search and increase your chances of finding employment.
  2. Check the Job Board of Canada: Job Bank is a website run by the Canadian government that lists job openings across the country. It’s a great resource to find cleaning and housekeeping jobs in different cities and provinces.
  3. Use Multilingual Job Boards: There are several job boards in Canada that cater specifically to non-English speakers. Some popular ones include Canada Jobs for Immigrants and Bilingual Jobs.
  4. Join Social Media Groups: Joining Facebook or LinkedIn groups that are specifically for foreign workers can be a great way to network and learn about job openings in your area. Look for groups that focus on your specific language or nationality.
  5. Contact Local Settlement Agencies: Many cities and provinces in Canada have settlement agencies that help newcomers find employment. These agencies can provide job search assistance, resume building, and interview coaching.
  6. Register with Staffing Agencies: Consider registering with a staffing agency that specializes in placing foreign workers in cleaning and housekeeping jobs. These agencies often have established relationships with employers and can help match you with suitable job opportunities.
  7. Network: Reach out to friends, family members, or acquaintances who may have connections in the cleaning and housekeeping industry. Let them know you’re looking for work and ask if they know of any job openings or can refer you to someone who does.

Remember to have a strong resume and cover letter tailored to the Canadian job market, as well as professional references who can speak to your work ethic and reliability. Good luck with your job search!

Available Washer/ Cleaner Jobs in Canada – APPLY NOW!

1. Utility Worker – Environmental Services

The Utility Worker performs general repetitive tasks in maintaining an assigned area, with due consideration for patients, visitors and staff. This position maintains clean and sanitary conditions in assigned areas as directed, according to established standards, observing proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques.

  • Company: Nova Scotia Health Authority
  • Location: Sydney, NS
  • Salary: Up to $1,000 a week($19.17 – $19.92 Hourly)
  • Job Type: Full-time

Apply Here

2. Personal Support Worker (PSW, DSW, HSW, HCA) (CAS)

Observes and evaluates the client’s or family’s home, personal situation and client and family care plan to determine if any need for change in the personal support care plan is required and whether the client’s and family’s needs have been met. Advises supervisor accordingly.

  • Company: VON Canada (Ontario)
  • Location: Strathroy, ON
  • Job Type: Casual
  • Salary: Estimated at $39.2K–$49.6K a year

Apply Here


3. Housekeeping Room Attendant 

The room attendant is responsible for cleaning and preparing guest rooms and public areas with the high standards established within the hotel system.

  • Company: d3h Hotels
  • Location: Canada
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Salary: Estimated at $28.7K–$36.4K a year (Indeed)

Apply Here


There are many job opportunities available for foreign workers in the cleaning and housekeeping sector in Canada. These jobs provide an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop new skills, and earn a steady income.

It’s important for foreign workers to have the necessary skills and qualifications, as well as a valid work permit or temporary visa, to work legally in Canada. By following the tips outlined in this post, foreign workers can increase their chances of finding employment in the cleaning and housekeeping industry. Remember to stay positive, persistent, and proactive in your job search. Good luck!

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