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Want To Study In Canada? Get Canadian Government Jobs for Students With $34/hour Salary

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Government of Canada recently announced Federal student work experience program (FSWEP) for students to get employed for full time or part time job positions in over 200+ Canadian government departments.  When i saw this opportunity then the next thought i had was to inform all of my students about these FSWEP Canadian jobs so therefore in this article we together are going to get familiar with this FSWEP job opportunities, salary, and application process details.

Now most of you might be concerned about application deadline for FSWEP Canadian job opportunities so in this regards let me inform you that recruitment for FSWEP jobs will be carried out in an ongoing fashion whereas in 2020-2021 around 7600 students got selected for employment under this FSWEP job opportunity.


Salary you can earn as student under FSWEP Jobs in Canada

I will first tell you the minimum salary rate for students under Canadian FSWEP jobs which is set at $16 per hour for students enrolled in college, pre college or undergrad university programmes whereas salary of a master degree student starts from $22 and goes up to $28 (Per hour), and salary of a PHD student ranges between $26 to $34 per hour (Canada Treasury dept).

Check your eligibility for Canadian Student Jobs

You can easily get employed for Canadian student employment program if you can speak English or French language and can fulfill these 3 eligibility requirements of being enrolled in a full time post secondary or secondary education program at any accredited college, fulfill minimum age requirements as a student to work in Canadian provinces for work opportunity under FSWEP, and the third requirement is to make commitment about returning to your school/college to complete your education after completing your FSWEP job tenure.

FSWEP Student Jobs are Available in 200+ Canadian departments

Students selected for FSWEP jobs in Canada are actually placed in over 200 Canadian government departments such as administration, law enforcement, IT, agriculture, healthcare, communication, aviation, policy, forestry and many other departments. Therefore all of my job seeker students are highly encouraged to apply for government of Canada FSWEP jobs asap because students with all disciplines are required to apply for their jobs.

Lets Submit Your FSWEP Job Application

Recruitment for FSWEP Canada government jobs for students is carried out throughout the year and by that what i mean is you can apply for FSWEP jobs in over 200+ departments and agencies but for that you have to create your free account on GC central jobs board which is run and managed by Canadian government. Then you will be required to submit your candidature details into FSWEP jobs inventory and from there you will automatically get considered for a vacancy whenever a specific job for student in any of Canadian government department will be avialable.

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